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I am Mega R. Mease, founder of the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics in Tucson, AZ. Many hats are worn within the perimeters of my career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. The foundation of this work is my training and experience as a certified Health and Law of Attraction Coach, blended with my natural skillsets as a Medical Intuitive and Energy Diagnostician.
  Due to the versatility of my work others often give me a wide stream of other titles. Among them; Reiki- Master Teacher, Vibrational/Empathic Healer, Spiritual Advisor-Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Presenter, Mentor and Empowerment Counselor. Use whatever title fits for you. I will answer.

These however are just fancy words which attempt to describe how I spend my time. Simply put, I earn my keep here on earth by supporting others on their path to empowerment and joy. I feel truly blessed that people of all ages and walks of life come to me seeking stress reduction, relaxation and guidance. I am humbled to include in this list those with mental, emotional and physical challenges as well as people with life threatening diseases. Providing a vehicle in which others learn to live a healthier, happier existence is my passion. I cannot imagine a better life.

My work evolved slowly out of my natural born abilities and life circumstances rather than clear cut goals that were carefully planned. This is why I see my work as a life "calling" rather than a sought after career. Intensive study and personal work led me to an abundance of healing pathways. I now include small aspects of each modality into my professional practice. Several healing techniques and methods have been born from my 20 years of experience. Now after years of committed involvement in the fields of Energy Healing, Nutrition and Self –Empowerment, I am extremely proud to be the creator of HeartRay™ Energetic Therapy, Bone Energy Re-Pattering™ and the Mega Method™ of Healing.

I continue my studies to keep myself on the cutting edge of the industry as well as to honor and better serve my students and clients.
I invite you to come walk a while with me, Live larger, Smile often, Love deeper and Laugh Louder!

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