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The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics has a wide range of offerings. Hearing the experiences of existing students and clients may make it easier to choose what will best suit your needs. The followings testimonials give information about classes, sessions, and healing experiences. Long or short each of these heart felt comments is very much appreciated.

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Years ago I participated in a level one Reiki training and decided Reiki did not resonate with me. That class was primarily lecture, the teacher was boring, way too serious, and with no interaction between students at all. Over the past year or so Reiki once again began calling me so I searched for the right teacher. I found Meg R. Mease!

Mega is wonderful. She is everything that my previous teacher was not and more. I now know what I missed out on in that previous class. Reiki is now fully integrated into my life and I will thank Mega for this gift for the rest of my life. If you've been considering studying Reiki, if you've taken a previous class and thought it wasn't for you or even if you've had nothing but positive Reiki experiences...Mega will add a depth of understanding that simply must be experienced. I highly recommend her.

Kellie Fitzgerald Pearce, AZ

I must say from a personal and professional point of view, from
someone who is in the field, I have a great deal of respect for the integrity and passion Mega has in teaching her class. She draws you in with her experience, honesty and humor that captivated my attention. Her attention to details was highly appreciated even when it came to matching the students together, I loved every second of my learning experience.

Tamara Gabriel
Tucson, AZ

I know Mega as a teacher, volunteer, healer and friend, and I cannot provide a more enthusiastic recommendation for services. As Reiki Volunteer Program Director at University Medical Center in Tucson, Mega has applied her gifts for both healing and leadership, and under her guidance this program has blossomed to serve patients, families and staff in a variety of units throughout the hospital, including Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant, ICU, and Cardiac Transplant. She's developed an in-depth orientation program for all volunteers, ensuring safety for both patient and practitioner by easing them into the culture of the hospital and ensuring ethical practices in energy work. Mega and her volunteers are well-loved by both patients and staff at UMC; they have formed long-standing relationships with many patients and patients' families, and their Reiki therapy have helped many nurses (such as myself) cope with the numerous stresses of caring for the seriously ill. As her student (Usui Reiki Level 1), I can attest that her classes are outstanding. She is 100% prepared, tailors the material as necessary to individual needs, and shows great compassion and patience for her students. I have never attended a better organized class, especially one that also provides nursing CEUs! As her client, I always feel safe and respected. Her business is professional, her service reliable. She takes wonderful care of her clients.In both my nursing practice and my personal life, I'm so grateful to have met Mega. So give her services a try; amazing things will happen!

Kathryn Clark
Tucson, AZ

“To me it was such a bummer when I recognized my own father dressed up as Santa. What disappointment! So, magic did not exist? At least this is what it meant to me back then and forming that new belief out of it... there I had it: one of the saddest moments of my life. Even though I wasn't able to understand what this "BEGINNERS IN-HOUSE LIVING IN ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP" is and thought it must be something totally crazy, unreal, and very strange to do; I followed my feeling that it will be good for me and that I will need that in order to feel more in peace, happier, more relaxed, calmer, fuller. It was such a good shock and wonderful surprise to me to experience that magic does exist instead! Everything Mega R. Mease does and makes her students do in this workshop...just works and is exactly what they want and need in that very moment in their lives in order to go forward to a better place - it works in such a magic way. This is better than Christmas!” 

Martina M. 
Tucson, AZ

I thank you Mega with immeasurable gratitude for all that you have done for me. Through you, I have learned how important it is to see beyond challenges to solutions, to grow beyond personal limitations into new revelations. You have taught me so many things through formal instructions and by your example.

I value what I experienced, and what I learned in Reiki Level one training. I honor you as a teacher! Thank you for teaching me what Reiki is and equally important, what it is not. My heart gives thanks with love and gratitude.

Tracy Gordon
Tucson, AZ

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I took Reiki 1 and 2 years ago from another teacher. I thought I was signing up for a simple review to hone my skills. Wow! Bing! Bang! Boom! What I found myself in was a life altering experience! Mega taught me so much in a one day refresher course that I felt as though I had never taken Reiki at all. Her passion and knowledge is remarkable. I was so excited that I re-took Reiki 2 with Mega too. My life has changed in so many positive ways since then. I now give myself sessions every day and am working on other people. I plan on taking the higher levels as soon as Mega comes back to Texas.

Erika S. Second Degree Practitioner
Kindergarten Teacher
Dallas, Texas

I have just finished one of the most rewarding weekends I can remember. Living in Abundance is workshop that has filled me with such joy and hope. I really appreciate the opportunity to share this time and space with so many like-hearted people. It truly is rewarding.

Lynda Hubar
Tucson, AZ

The Abundance Retreat is out of this world! Combine the sacred healing energies and contemplation areas of the Triangle T Ranch with Mega's high-powered healing energy and adept skill, along with a willingness to do the work and grow, and you just can't lose! A recipe for success all the way around. The unique beauty of Texas Canyon adds just the right backdrop to complete the package.

A classmate said it best: "I cannot wait to meet everyone in the place where God dropped his boulders." Connecting and sharing with your fellow retreat participants adds the additional ingredient necessary to get the most out of this abundantly transformational experience. Truly a heart-centering gift for your soul. You will be grateful for making the choice to participate in this healing adventure that keeps growing long after the retreat ends. Give yourself the gift of Abundance!

Andra Ewton
Tucson, AZ

I did not know what to expect at first, but when I walked into my First Degree Reiki class I knew at that moment that Mega was the woman I wanted to mentor me in my personal growth. She instilled, and by her energy, continues to instill in me a meaningful purpose for my energy path. I look forward to my continued work with this remarkable woman and get a big smile on my face every time I think of it. Thank you, Mega.

Frank Palmer
Tucson, AZ

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After taking both 1st and 2nd degree Reiki with Mega, the changes in the life have been incredible. The classes were so inspiring that while I wanted to learn Reiki for my own use. I now plan to teach and give sessions to others.

This has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my recent life. Thank you!

Tucson, AZ

I took the First Degree and Second Degree Reiki classes from The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics in 2006. Mega Mease was the class instructor in both classes. My experience with the class was excellent. I feel that I was given a great deal of knowledge and practical application information in those classes. With each class I received a binder of useful information to help me remember the information I learned in the class. I refer back to this binder often to apply what I learned in my daily life. I love the supportive materials she provides! The class was well organized. Mega’s supportive comments were inspirational and very helpful to me.

I believe that the class and the work I’ve done based on what I learned in the class have been instrumental in making profound and positive transformational changes in my life. I am coming into being more truly my authentic self on a daily basis.

Reiki has greatly assisted me in dealing with an extremely uncomfortable work situation with a greater level of courage than I had experienced prior to taking the classes. I now also experience success in facing insecurities more than I ever have before.

Today I believe that life can be fulfilling and that I deserve to be happy. I believe that Reiki has greatly contributed to making this possible.

Second Degree Student
Tucson, AZ

I have been a student of Mega's for several years. I appreciate the solid foundation Mega gives her students in the application and use of Reiki. Sitting in her classes has taught me respect for the energies involved, and deepened my resolve to make Reiki a seamless part of my living. I have friends who have studied under other teachers, whose class work was minimal because most of the time was spent taking a large group through the attunements. Without exception, they have moved into other fields because they never envisioned what Reiki could be for them. When they want help, they come to me for Reiki. My Reiki practice is a reflection of my Teacher, Mega. I am deeply grateful for the skills she taught us, and that she was willing to teach us until we showed that we learned the principles involved. She is truly a Master Teacher, and I am honored that she is mine."

Edith H.
Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Tucson, AZ

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Mega has introduced the concept of Reiki to both my children, ages 12 and 14. They are receptive and open to a woman who approaches them with kindness, openness, and without any mysticism.

Reiki has opened my mind and body to a place of healing energy, and continues to expand my spirituality as I practice this healing art. Mega R. Mease is a blessing to myself and my family. I am grateful to her for introducing me and training me in her special skills, as well as sharing her gifts of distance healing and intuitive work with my family.

Mary Anne
Pittsfield MA.

I have been a student of Mega R Mease since 6/99; I was referred by a physician from Dr. Andrew Weil's Integrative Medicine program because of both neurological difficulties and a painful rotator cuff tear that would not heal. Despite being a Social Work clinician for 30 years who has taught or utilized mind-body intervention, no practitioner nor modality was able to support my healing prior to meeting and working with Mega. She is one of the most gifted energy practitioners and talented teachers whom I have had the privilege to know. Her work reflects her meticulous attention to her clients, her passion for Reiki and energy healing, and her integrity.

My personal and professional life has been positively impacted in ways that I never could have dreamed of. Not only do I continue to study with Mega on a regular basis, but I have taken many classes including completing my Reiki Master Teacher certification in 8/05. I am now privileged to offer Reiki to Cancer patient in the hospital.

We are all very blessed to have this extraordinary healer, practitioner and teacher in the Tucson community; anyone who chooses to work with Mega thru either classes or individual sessions will be impacted positively by her joy, her knowledge and her dedication.

Marsha D: Usui Master-Teacher
Clinical Social Worker
Tucson, AZ

I learned Reiki II and Advanced as well as enjoyed countless healing sessions with Mega R. Mease. Over the course of the 7 years I have known her, she has been my teacher, mentor, and friend. Every time I've taken a class with Mega, her focus on the needs of the students is impeccable. The classes are an intense and full experience, and every time I've left motivated and full of ideas and possibilities.

Mega has incredible insight and ability in healing sessions, using personal experience and anecdotes of her own life to deepen the understanding of your own experiences and life path. I'm consistently awed by the sense of well being and personal transformation I undergo after every session. The light of Reiki is a wonderful gift you can give yourself, and Mega lives, practices, and holistically walks the Reiki path, making her an exemplary teacher and practitioner.

Courtenay L: Advanced Reiki Student
Administrative Assistant
Boston MA

When I made the determination to heal the MS, I did not know that this determination would lead me to a gifted Reiki healer like Mega. With Mega’s loving hands, Reiki opened up a path of healing I could never have imagined, because Reiki is about healing one’s life. Not only did my work with Mega help the physical symptoms of MS, more importantly, the work I did with Mega opened up my heart and my life. As I worked with Mega, the walls that I had built around my heart began to crack and crumble, making room for the man who is now my husband! What a gift and what a blessing. We are lucky to have Mega in this world at this time.

Scottsdale, AZ

I took first degree Reiki only because I thought it would be a credential and nice partner to my career as a LMT. Even though Mega came highly recommended, I didn’t expect to receive so much in a weekend workshop. Mega is such an awesome teacher that she somehow made learning fun. Her passion shows in every word that comes out of her mouth and her love for Reiki is so pure and very deep. This made it so easy for me to learn from her and it made me want to use Reiki on myself. The sessions I give myself give me so much energy. I’m amazed at how much easier it makes my work and my clients say that my massage is much better. Mega made a believer out of me. So now I have completed my second degree class and can’t wait to take the advanced class.

Sarah B. Second Degree Practitioner
Massage Therapist
Portland, OR

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Mega is the most unique and genuine woman I've ever met. I think that she is fun, caring, a brilliant teacher, and a gifted healer. Before meeting her I had never heard of Reiki. Then I started coming to see her for sessions and she started teaching me. I don't always understand the energy work that Mega does, or how she does it, but I know in my heart and can feel in my body that it is healing me. Mega and her gift have helped me through some very trying times in the last two years and I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to share with others how special I believe she is.

Carolyn M: Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Computer Graphic Design and Technical support
Tucson, AZ

"Mega is a generous, warm-hearted person who really cares about her students. She was the best Reiki teacher I ever had, and I've been to some of the most well-known teachers. She shared freely her love of Reiki and her many healing techniques with me, while making the experience fun. Her enthusiasm was boundless, and her attention to detail was very helpful. I would recommend Mega's classes to anyone who is interested in healing, from the beginner to the advanced student. I wish her the best!"

Bonnie C. Reiki Master
Reno, NV

I have taken three levels of Reiki training with Mega. She is a dedicated and inspiring teacher of Reiki. What impressed me the most was the thoroughness and depth of her training sessions. Her classes are small allowing for time with and encouragement of each student.

Nan R. Advanced Practitioner
Tucson, AZ

There is never a dull moment in Mega's classes. She keeps everyone feeling comfortable, involved, entertained, and inspired. Everyone gets some special one-on-one time and it's worth every penny. You leave class with many tools and the information you need to use them. The best part is, you are further on the road to empowering yourself after you leave.

Andra E.
Usui Master-Teacher
Tucson, AZ

I have been receiving healing sessions regularly from Mega for more than 7 years and find her to be very supportive, caring, nurturing, understanding, and real. With her insight and skill she has helped me to work through a great number of issues and gain more clarity and spiritual wisdom. I feel much stronger and healthier then when I first started seeing her. Mega's work is extremely powerful on all levels, and I highly recommend her.

Ann E.
Natural Pet Products-technical support and sales
Tucson, AZ

My inner journey started with Mega at my side. She taught me the most important lesson of all, that mind and body were inseparable, when it comes to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Mega is a talented and compassionate teacher / healer. Her intuition increases her ability to get to the “heart” of the matter. She has devoted her life to healing through Reiki and other advanced modalities of energy healing. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Mega.

Sue R.
Glendale, AZ

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I am honored to relate my experiences with Mega R. Mease and the healing and training work she has done with myself and my family. The unknown word "Reiki" seemed to enter into my life from everywhere in 2002, and I was intrigued about this art. Skeptically, I enrolled into an introduction class of Reiki I with Mega. Mega was an excellent teacher, feeding each class member at their own pace, however I still had reservations concerning this healing art. Following her instructions like a scientific manual, I completed each daily exercise and found a slow and steady increase in my own personal results. Since then, I have completed the Reiki II, Reiki II Refresher, Personal Reiki Master, Karuna I and Karuna II trainings. Training classes are in comfortable environments, providing cleanliness, quietness and with a sense of tranquility enabling full concentration. The small size of the classes enabled me to communicate issues or correct misunderstandings immediately, facilitating full knowledge of the subject matter at hand. The sharing of Mega's personal experiences made the application of Reiki come alive for myself and all the participants. Learning not only the Reiki art, but also healthier thinking patterns, insight into forgiveness of self and others, and many other methods of improving the quality of life were incorporated into my training with Mega. I have been amazed at the gifts this training has given to myself and my family.

In addition to my own training and use of Reiki, I have relied on Mega for hands on healing for my Mother in Law (an Italian immigrant peasant), Father in Law (a stone mason), and my husband (a technical writer for submarines), as well as her distance work with my Mother (a housewife). Mega has been able to put my family members at ease, and in a state to welcome Reiki. I am confident in my Reiki and Karuna skills, however my family members have experienced great insight and healing from working with Mega, and I continue to turn to her expertise.

Mary A.
Karuna-Two practitioner
Pittsfield MA

When I first contacted Mega to inquire about Reiki healing she responded quickly, both by email and phone. I felt an immediate sense of trust toward her and decided to invest in the Full Mega Method™ Multi-Dimensional Healing sessions, which powerfully and positively impacted my life. Through Mega's compassionate insights, life coaching abilities, and talents as a healer, I was able to move beyond areas where I had felt "stuck" for decades. I was so impressed with the lasting benefits of Reiki that I later attended Mega's First Degree Reiki Training Class in order to learn how to continue to provide my own energetic support at home. The attunement and training were well worth my time and money, and I have been regularly practicing the Reiki balancing techniques ever since. I am very grateful to have discovered Mega and the Reiki path and recommend it to everyone who is seeking greater health and happiness.

Linda S. - First Degree Student
Tucson, AZ

I was struck down by a condition that no one could seem to diagnose. I thought I was going to die from some unknown rare disease that no one had ever heard of. This was too difficult to handle after being involved in medicine for 22 years. My emotions were really out of control, couldn’t work and my marriage was breaking up so I was desperate. The thought of going to an energy worker was out of my understanding and belief so I went as a last resort. I was so surprised when I met her because looked and acted so normal. I guess I did not expect a professional, well spoken person who looked so normal. I cannot explain her skill for seeing and knowing what is going on in other people’s bodies and life. I only know that she immediately uncovered an old emotional trauma which she said was connected to the illness. I began distance healings and readings on a weekly basis. I found that even during the time when I didn’t seem to be getting better physically, I felt hope and calm in a weird way. My recovery was very long but it did happen. I am so grateful that I found Mega as she guided me back to physical and emotional health. She helped me save my marriage and my life. I do not write well and feel that a testimonial cannot do Mega or her work justice. I will close by telling the world to go see Mega.

Ellen N.
Seattle, Washington

It is a privilege to work with Mega for her abilities are amazing. We've done in-person and distance work where she's literally moved mountains of energy within me. Her faith and positive attitude for my progress, no matter how slow, has encouraged me to persevere through the road blocks that stand between me and my dreams. I've also done serious work with meditations she has given me and have been able to shift negative energy to positive, which has changed my entire viewpoint on life! No small task. I am always grateful that this angel is in my life.

Susan L. Advanced Reiki
Long Island, New York

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Reiki in general and Mega in particular have changed my life. In four years I have come from a recent widow with some emotional and physical problems to a confident, healthy woman who is living a joyful life. Not only do I receive sessions regularly, but I have gone on to train in first and second degree Reiki. It is now an integral, constant part of my life.

Retired High School Spanish Teacher
Tucson, AZ

Mega has been my friend, teacher, mentor and life coach for many years. Her passion for Reiki is steadfast. I had finally met someone who walks the talk. I live in Seattle and there are many Reiki teachers here; however, I was compelled to take my first class from Mega. So I flew to Tucson. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made in my healing path. After my first Reiki class and experiencing my first attunement I knew that I had just taken a sharp turn in my healing journey. I felt empowered to take charge of my own healing. Mega is instrumental in my healing journey. She is a gifted and AWESOME healer and teacher and I have used what I have learned to help myself and loved ones. I use it EVERY DAY. Mega is the only person I know who does Reiki everyday and she challenges me to do the same. I have a wonderful example of how Reiki has enriched my life and my loved ones. My elderly father hit his arthritic knee getting into his car. I immediately put my hands on his knee and started sending Reiki energy to his knee. My father was so amazed at how quickly the pain dissipated. He said “What did you do?” I replied “It’s Reiki, Dad” He’s now a believer. Thank you to Moumin for bringing Mega into my life. I have never been the same since!

Mary L.
Seattle, Washington

I have been Mega’s administrative assistant for about a year now. I first came to Mega as a client four years ago. I had a severe digestive problem that no one could help me with so was sent for counseling. I was told it was in my head. I was discouraged and desperate to feel good so when an acquaintance suggested energy healing with a lady here in town, I went. To my surprise and happiness, Mega uncovered the energetic source of my problem on my first visit. It in my aura bodies which I didn’t even know I had. I now have taken training with Mega so I understand Reiki. I am still unsure how she actually does the rest of her work but I do consider it a miracle. It took quite a while but eventually I was cured. I will be forever grateful for her skills, sight and big heart.

Roxanne Carroll Advanced Reiki Student
Administrative Assistant/ Nursing Student
Tucson, AZ

Mega's Full Mega Method package helped me energetically prepare for the stress and apprehensions associated with my wedding. Her intuitive suggestions for dealing with my fears and anxiety paired with her healing touch and movement of energy allowed me to feel prepared and relaxed for my special day, and beyond. With Mega's energy work, I experienced a positive shift in my attitude towards life's never-ending obstacles and was able to break negative patterns that I had been struggling with since childhood. If you are going through a major life transition and fee un-equipped to face it head on, or you've tried alternative therapies such as counseling with little impact, I would highly recommend trying Reiki.

Melissa Callahan
Tucson, AZ

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