Special Circumstances: The Will and the Way

The Special Circumstances class is Reiki Basics-First Degree training with many faces. These classes are designed for people with serious health issues or severe life challenges that prevent them from attending a full day workshop. This training is available for individuals as well as for small groups of people living with similar circumstances. Content and presentation will be slightly different for each workshop and based upon the individual needs, requirements, and limitations of the students enrolled. Class hours are also dependent upon this information. Generally, this basic class is presented in a 2-4 hour period.

Reasons to enroll in this class may include:

1. You are suffering from a life threatening disease
2. You are receiving chemotherapy treatment
3. You have physical mobility challenges
4. You are a full time caretaker with limited time.
5. You are an elderly person with excessive fatigue

Classes are scheduled by request only. Please contact the Center to discuss your circumstances and desire to attend class.

Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for class.

Content is dependent upon the circumstances of the students

  • Individualized support and attention
  • Private First Degree attunement
  • Reiki Ideals
  • Handouts which includes a hand placement chart
  • Energizing techniques
  • Instruction on performing a self-session
  • Instruction for performing a quick Reiki balancing
  • Hope, inspiration, and The Gift of Reiki!

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