Reiki-One Refresher: The Heart Remembers
The Reiki-One Refresher is best suited for the student who desires a bit of basic review and inspiration. It is, however, available to anyone who has received Reiki training of any level. Each student will receive a fine-tuning attunement for their present level of training. The information covered in each workshop will be slightly different. A basic format is followed however; the individual needs of each class will be met. The flow of the day will be guided by the requests of the students.

The fee for this class is $170.00
Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for class.

Reasons to enroll in this class may include:

1. You want to move forward to Second Degree, but do not feel quite ready
2. You have not yet integrated Reiki into your personal life
3. You learned Reiki a long time ago and do not remember how to use it
4. You are seeking a new Master-Teacher to continue your training.
5. You feel that your prior training was inadequate
6. You desire direction and inspiration to get yourself back on track.
7. You want to feel the joy of Reiki every day!
8. You are a new Teacher and would like to experience another perspective.
9. You would like to spend the day with like-minded hearts and souls.
10. You would like to give yourself the gift of a wonderful day of healing.


  • Small class enrollment with individualized support and attention
  • Private fine-tuning attunement for your present level of training
  • Class manual
  • Inspiration
  • Hands-on self session
  • Participate in Reiki exchange
  • Create your personal Reiki program
  • Reiki-One Certificate of Completion
  • Health, Happiness, Long Life…The Gift of Reiki

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