Reiki for Children is a First Degree workshop specifically designed for kids who are age 6-10 and 11-14. This four hour fun, entertaining class covers the basics of Reiki. Students are required to have a support system in place before attending this class. This support is usually a parent or other adult relative who is actively using Reiki in their life. This class is excellent for all children. Those who participate in this class often comment that they feel more confidence, do better in school and feel more relaxed in new situations. It is a “must do” however for child who often feels stressed out, has learning challenges, trouble sleeping or physical pain.

The fee for this class is $150.00
Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for class.


  • Small class enrollment
  • Individualized attention
  • Easy, fun, comfortable learning
  • Group First Degree attunement
  • Class manual (includes a hand placement chart)
  • Exercises to promote listening skills
  • Discussion: What is energy?
  • Energy sensitivity exercises
  • Examples of what Reiki can do for self and others
  • Self-session (instruction and practice)
  • Demonstration of how to work on others
  • Creative ways to use Reiki at home and school
  • Reiki Basics certificate of completion
  • Health, Happiness, Long Life…The Gift of Reiki


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