Living Reiki Series: Walking the Reiki Path

The Living Reiki Series is an uplifting weekly class available to students of all levels and lineages. The group gathers for two hours each week to share knowledge and practice what they have learned. This work offers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and connection Reiki. A commitment of four weeks is required to attend this class. Living Reiki is a perfect choice for anyone who desires support of like-minded people and inspiration to stay focused on their Reiki path.

Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for class.

Content is dependant upon the level of training of those attending.

  • Small class enrollment
  • Fine-tuning attunement (Offered monthly)
  • Personal sharing and support
  • Informational handouts
  • Reiki Exchanges
  • Give and receive mini sessions
  • Reiki Ideals exercises
  • Spiritual exercises
  • Healing attunements
  • Meditations
  • Aura clearing
  • Distance healing
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Health, Happiness, Long Life…The Gift of Reiki
  • Light, laughter, fun and more!!!


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