Finding potential teachers to interview may be challenging but well worth the trouble. Personal endorsements from friends are wonderful but do not stop there.

The yellow pages in the phone book are an excellent place to continue your search. Large cities may have a Reiki category. Other suggestions to look under are the headings of Holistic, Natural, Complementary or Alternative Health. Healing, Spiritual practice, Massage and Chiropractic also may list Reiki professionals. Many teachers advertise in local and national health publications.

Health food stores often provide a bulletin board for local practitioners to advertise their classes and services. Metaphysical bookstores are another good source of information. Check out the public library, universities and community colleges.

Last but not least, search the web for sites that include Reiki practitioner/teacher pages. A thorough search will also bring up several sites like this one, which provide links to practitioner/teacher pages.

Interviewing Potential Teachers

Selecting the perfect Teacher for yourself is a process. You will need to be clear as to what is important to you concerning your upcoming Reiki training. Keep in mind, certification as a Master-Teacher does not necessarily guarantee experience, quality of training or correct, deep and clear understanding of Reiki. The following list of questions may be helpful in your interviewing quest.

Questions about the Master-Teacher
Questions about the Reiki Class
Questions to Ask Yourself


1. What is Reiki? A qualified Master-Teacher should be able to offer a clear and concise answer.

2. What is your lineage? The Teacher should be able to trace their roots back to Dr. Usui.

3. How do you see your role as a Reiki Master-Teacher? A Reiki-Master-Teacher is not a master of Reiki. A Master-Teacher is one who has chosen to allow Reiki to master their life. It is this process that helps the Teacher to guide his/her students on the path to self-empowerment.

4. Why did you become a Reiki-Teacher? Teaching is a place of honor, responsibility, and purpose. A Teacher who feels that sharing the word of Reiki is a calling will surely be walking the Reiki Path.

5. How long did it take you to achieve the Master level of training? The length of time a person has invested in training will be an indication of the commitment they have to Reiki and to Teaching.

6. Did your Reiki training include an apprenticeship? Apprenticeship is not mandatory to become a Master-Teacher, however those who participate in such a program gain many teaching skills. They are taught professionalism as well as how to teach.

7. How long have you been teaching Reiki? Experience and commitment are always a plus when learning anything new.

8. Do you have any long-term students? A committed veteran Teacher will usually have loyal, long-term students.

9. How do you use Reiki in your personal life? A teacher must practice what they teach. Daily self-sessions are an absolute!

10. Are you available to your students after class? A responsible Reiki Master-Teacher will provide on going support to his/her students.
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1. What do your classes have to offer? An experienced Teacher will have an abundance of information to share about how they teach as well as what they teach. A well-grounded, professional Teacher may address all the remaining questions on this list.

2. Do you teach traditional Usui Reiki? All teachers do not teach traditional Usui Reiki. Over time many other strains of Reiki have surfaced. Usui-Tibetan, Karuna®, Teri MaiTM, The Radiance Technique, and Seichim are some of the best known.

3. What is the class fee? Each Teacher will charge what he/she feels is appropriate for their time and class materials. Level I and Level II fees range from $100.00 to $500.00. Master-Teacher training is dependent upon many factors. The fee may range between $250.00 and $10,000.00. There are also Teachers who offer classes by donation as well as sliding scale.

4. How long is the class? Generally an informative well-structured Level I or Level II class will be approximately 16 hours and taught in two days. The length of Master-Teacher training is dependent upon how extensive a program is chosen.

5. What is the maximum number of students you allow in class? A small class of 4-8 students will best suit those who desire individual attention, classmate bonding, and a close Teacher/student relationship. Those satisfied with a fast paced, informational class may benefit from a large class of 15 or more students.

6. Will I receive an attunement? One must have the appropriate attunements to channel Reiki.

7. What material will be covered in class? Material will vary between Teachers and is dependent upon what style of Reiki is being taught. Each teacher will bring to class his or her own thoughts, feelings and experience. A class should offer a strong foundation of information with a manual for referral after class.

8. How much time do you allow for Reiki practice? Reiki is a "hands" on healing art. It is imperative that students are given ample time to experience and become comfortable with the energy.

9. Do you offer all levels of Reiki training? Studying all levels of training with one Teacher will strengthen the Teacher/student bond and enhance your Reiki experience.

10. Will I receive a certificate upon completion of class? A certified Reiki Master-Teacher will always provide a certificate.
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1. Was this person willing and happy to give you his/her time? An informative interview should last a minimum of 30 minutes. A dedicated Teacher will be happy to give of his/her time to anyone interested in learning about Reiki.

2. Was this person comfortable being interviewed? A Reiki Master-Teacher must be comfortable on both sides of the fence.

3. Did this person answer your questions with mastery? Mastery involves knowledge and humility. A Teacher must know their subject yet acknowledge that there is always more to learn.

4. What did you learn about Reiki from this interview? Teaching involves sharing the word of Reiki in and outside of the classroom. An enthusiastic Teacher will speak volumes about the subject they love.

5. Did you enjoy listening to this person? A pleasant voice is important. Remember that you will be listening to this person for approximately 16 hours per workshop.

6. Do you feel it will be easy to learn from this person? A Teacher who presents new information in a way that is conducive to your learning process will heighten your Reiki experience greatly.

7. Did this person effectively answer your questions? An educated Teacher who listens will be able to effectively answer most questions.

8. Did you find this person professional? Professionalism is the finishing touch to a qualified Reiki Master-Teacher.

9. Did this person seem honest and sincere to you? A Teacher must have an unshakable sense of integrity.

10. Would you enjoy spending time with this person even if you were not interested in learning Reiki? Choose a Reiki Master- Teacher who you will truly enjoy. Reiki is a gift you are giving yourself. Make it the very best!
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