The Center offers a variety of Empowerment Workshops and Teleseminars. These are available to anyone who is seeking new and fun ways to grow spiritually. Enrollment is usually an array of eclectic personalities living at different levels of awareness. This makes for interesting conversation, unexpected experiences, and enjoyable learning.

Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for any Empowerment Workshop Teleseminar or Retreat.

Living in Abundance Retreat
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Living in Abundance Tele-Seminar



Where Possibilities Become Realities

The fee for LIA Off-Site Retreats is $1850.00. Preparation begins three months prior to this event.  Participants are  therefore required to submit a non-refundable $300 “Save your space” fee for the LIA Retreat 120 days prior to the event. These monies shall be used toward the full $925.00 Retreat deposit which is due 3 months prior to the event.

Please read the complete RETREAT REGISTRATION and DEPOSIT Terms and Conditions prior to registering for this event.

Mega R. Mease: A personal Statement
This event was born and developed from my personal healing work and spiritual path. The extraordinary growth and empowerment that I have gained and continue to experience from this work is undeniably life altering. It is my honor and joy to share it with you.

Living in Abundance is a way of thinking, being and doing. It is my love, my life, my heart and the pathway to self acceptance. I invite you to join me on a life long journey that will give you the opportunity to be the best you can be and smile every time you look in the mirror”.

The Living in Abundance Off-Site Retreat is a 2 & 1/2 day Heart-Opening transformative experience offered in the Spring and Fall of each year. These memorable events are presented at mindfully selected Arizona ranches; with each location offering its own distinctive landscape that supports both energetic and aesthetic appeal. Expect a life altering Spiritual Adventure while enjoying the peace, beauty and tranquility of ranch life.

The 2 &1/2 day LIA In-House Retreat is just as dynamic as the Off-site Retreat that is presented at the selected Arizona ranches. Participants however go home each day to sleep in the comfort of their own bed.

The perfect candidate for the Living in Abundance Retreat is an individual who has a goal, desire, issue, or need and is looking for answers. Openness to new and different forms of information as well as a natural curiosity concerning living abundantly is a plus as well.

There is no prior experience with energy work or specific spiritual belief required to attend. 

The Living in Abundance Retreat is the Center’s signature event. It is a linear, yet cosmic workshop which provides a new, exciting outlook and fresh way of defining Abundance. This work is extremely personal so it must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Designed to guide you in the delightful experience of getting to know yourself at the deepest levels, this work will support you in paving a personal pathway to an open heart and eyes that easily embrace the challenges in your daily lives.

While this work is deeply profound, stimulating and occasional challenging, you will also find it to be fun humorous and filled with joy. 

As with all CAET Empowerment Workshops, participants address the negative, focus on the positive and become more fully defined by finding the middle ground upon which to build a life that they truly love.

A willingness to “see” who you really are is the key to the door. This work focuses on individually defining present day values and standards of integrity; thus allowing each person to draw his or her own map to a life filled with the many colors and levels of Abundance.

If you desire a more peaceful, happy and abundant existence then you must join us!

Come Live and Breathe in ABUNDANCE
Festivities begin on Friday afternoon as Retreat goers joyfully caravan into the Ranch, followed by a quick “Release” ceremony where participants consciously let go of something that they feel may be holding them back from Living a life of Abundance.

Preparation to "Live Abundantly" play time begins directly afterward including exercises to get the mind and body moving, jumping and ready for a weekend of fun frolic, awareness and growth. Participants should expect to be surprised around every corner. Scrumptious buffet cuisine is specifically chosen to support energetic strength and alignment. Sweet and sour treats will also be on hand to delight your taste buds throughout your personal eclectic Abundance journey.

The deeply profound Living in Abundance experience does not stop when the Retreat ends. The value and understanding of the pathways which are opened during the Retreat continue long after everyone goes back home to their normal daily activities. The four week email After-Play is intended to support personal integration of the changes made into each participant’s life.

In truth, however there really are no words to describe the “Possibilities that turn into Realities” during this event. One must simply take a chance, jump in and enjoy the ride!

Abundance After Play
The Retreat includes a four week Abundance After-Play. This weekly written work is submitted via e-mail. It brings a larger recognition of the value of the Abundance gained during the Retreat. Thus it supports the integration and anchoring in of the energetic shifts which may have occurred during the event; making it different for every Retreat. Additionally it offers participants the opportunity to receive value from the experience of other attendees.

All inclusive Fees: Build the excitement pre-workshop E-mails, Room accommodations, Retreat gifts, Meals, Snacks and E-mail After-Play are ALL included in the fee.

The fee for this retreat is $2,500.00
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Terms and Conditions

Please Contact the Center for complete details. 

Participant testimonial:
The Abundance Retreat is out of this world! Combine the sacred healing energies and contemplation areas of the Triangle T Ranch with Mega's high-powered healing energy and adept skill, along with a willingness to do the work and grow, and you just can't lose! A recipe for success all the way around. The unique beauty of Texas Canyon adds just the right backdrop to complete the package.

A classmate said it best: "I cannot wait to meet everyone in the place where God dropped his boulders." Connecting and sharing with your fellow retreat participants adds the additional ingredient necessary to get the most out of this abundantly transformational experience. Truly a heart-centering gift for your soul. You will be grateful for making the choice to participate in this healing adventure that keeps growing long after the retreat ends. Give yourself the gift of Abundance!
Andra E.
Tucson, AZ

Mega R. Mease is a truly inspired teacher of what's possible!  The Living in Abundance Retreat was wonderfully stimulating. She is an amazing woman with an amazing message.
Howard G.         

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The In-House Living in Abundance Retreat is presented at the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics. This event provides participants with the convenience of an In-House Retreat while still experiencing some of the glamour, glitz and comfort of the full Off-Site Retreat. Those attending receive the core Abundance work with the same opportunity to experience the immediate, ingrained heart centered awareness that the Off-Site Retreat offers. Many participants do comment however that they enjoy the connection and deeper bonding with each other during the overnight events. Regardless of which event is attended the consensus is unanimous that all leave with profound healing, awareness and lasting experience.

Mega R. Mease develops each workshop to be creatively unique to assure that a surprise is around every corner. Participants utilize the basic and advanced Living in Abundance exercises to guide themselves into a quiet, safe place to define their present day Standards of Integrity and Values These quick, simple balancing exercises and meditations are easily used and integrated into ordinary daily life. This is a good choice for committed people who are ready to invest in their present, future and knowing themselves more intimately.

Fee includes the following: A four-week email “Ready, Set, Go, Pre- Abundance Play. This includes frequency audios, short meditations and exercises which prepare participants for their Retreat weekend. The mental, emotional and energetic shifts experienced from the Pre-Play encourage deeper more sustainable shifts during and after the Retreat. Bottled water and snacks are provided throughout the Event. Attendees enjoy an early evening Pizza Party on Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be at local restaurants on Saturday. A sit down luncheon on Sunday is served at the Center. In completion, participants engage in a four-week email After-Play to enhance and integrate the knowledge and shifts of consciousness gained during the Event.

The fee for this Retreat is $1,925.00
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Terms and Conditions


Presented by Mega R. Mease, certified Manifestation Life/Health Coach-Mentor

Abundance Manifestation Group Series events are created with the serious Seeker of Life in mind. Enrollment is limited to only TEN students to assure that each person receives the attention required to achieve the highest level of success. Regardless of teleseminar subject matter, the fee for all Abundance Manifestation Group Series Teleseminars is $1,000.

These Abundance Manifestation Teleseminars address a variety of subjects with a focus on recognizing, opening up and then understanding the “why” behind our actions. As each participant uncovers their “why”, individual solutions are presented and awareness is born to allow implementation of the work.

While all of the Teleseminars have a prepared agenda that is appropriate for the chosen subject matter, these are not cookie cutter events. Each is also designed to support the individual group and the personal pathway of each participant in attaining success in the designated life area of the series. This is made possible by mindfully selecting the proper processes, exercises, meditations and discussions for each group as the teleseminar unfolds. Home-Play for students to complete independently during the two week Teleseminar hiatus encourages a stronger connection and absorbance of the material covered.

Visit our Event Calendar for scheduled dates.


SHOW ME THE MONEY – I love $$$ and $$$ Loves Me!

Teleseminar Overview: This six-week program is designed to assist participants in creating financial Abundance quickly, effortlessly, and with purpose. Show me the Money is based on core Universal Law principles. Our inner world creates our outer world. The more we focus on defining and then aligning with our true desires, the faster we will receive what we want. The Show Me the Money seminar is presented in two, three-week sections. Each will be approximately 75-90 minutes. There will be a one-week break with Home-Play during the hiatus. Enrollment is limited to only TEN students to guarantee proper attention is given to each participant.  A minimum of five participants required to generate this teleseminar.

Students may expect quality training and personal attention from presenter Mega R. Mease. Her certifications as both a Manifestation Coach/Mentor and Creating Money Coach offer a strong foundation for utilizing her knowledge, wisdom and cutting edge direction concerning living a life of Abundance.

Fee for Show me the Money Teleseminar is $1,000
Terms and Conditions



This cutting edge 4-week tele-seminar is based on the core work of the Living in Abundance Retreat.  It is perfect  choice for those who are unable to enjoy the full Retreat experience as well as a wonderful follow-up for past Retreat participants.  Each week you will enjoy 90 minutes of exploring  your personal values and  standards of integrity. This seminar also includes independent study and  e-mail correspondence with small intimate groups. Contact the Center for detailed information. So if you can't meet us at "The Ranch", we hope to hear you on the call.

Contact the Center for dates and times.

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