Conduct: As a representative of the CAET I shall conduct myself in a professional manner in the session room, classroom and personal arenas. I provide only those services for which I have received adequate education and training. I DO NOT diagnose, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Legalities: As a representative of the CAET I maintain an appropriate business license and keep accurate records of all my sessions and classes. I will not allow any illegal activities at my place of business.

Space and Appearance: As a representative of the CAET I shall always dress in a manner which is suitable for a professional practice. Personal hygiene is the top priority. Special attention is given to the cleanliness of clothing, linens, and the office space. I endeavor to create a comfortable, relaxing, and safe atmosphere for all clients and students.

Integrity: As a representative of the CAET I present my services in a mainstream, honest, ethical, professional manner. I shall not make claims of the potential benefits of the energy techniques rendered. I openly acknowledge any limitations of my skills and shall refer clients to a qualified professional when necessary and appropriate.

Relations: As a representative of the CAET I shall maintain clear and honest communication with all clients and students. All methods and techniques used in a session or class are clearly named and identified.  I shall create and maintain a safe environment and clearly defined, healthy boundaries at all times. All communication with clients/students is strictly confidential with no exceptions.

Equality: As a representative of the CAET I shall honor and respect all healing modalities and Reiki practitioners/teachers regardless of their lineage/organization affiliation. I promote cooperation between all Reiki/energy healers helping to create one large community which lives in harmony.

Personal Growth: As a representative of the CAET I consistently and actively work on my own personal growth. I shall respect the right of each client and student to choose their own healing path and never impose my belief on others.

Spreading the Word: As a representative of the CAET I am steadfast in my commitment to spread the word of Reiki and Energy Healing/Medicine. I share the light with all who seek it.



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