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  Thank you for participating in a CAET training course. Suggestions from students are extremely helpful in the ongoing search to create and develop more creative, educational and entertaining classes. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Please complete this form using your own comments, thoughts and feelings.
Class level
Date of training
What were expectations prior to class?
Were your expectations fulfilled?
Did you receive enough knowledge?
Was the class environment comfortable?
Do you feel the class fee was fair and appropriate?
Did you find the manual easy to read and understand?

Please select which best fits your evaluation:

Overall evaluation of class
Overall enjoyment of class
Professionalism of instructor
Effectiveness of instructor
Ability of instructor to convey concepts and techniques
Class Setting
Personal comprehension
of information taught
Interest in participating in future trainings
What is your planned usage the material you learned in this CAET training?
Please share any suggestions as to how this class may be improved.
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