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Attunements are required to Channel Reiki. Reading a book, manual or the information on this website will not give you the ability to perform Reiki. One must receive the appropriate attunements from a trained Reiki Master-Teacher before having the ability to channel Reiki. Reiki Masters of today vary widely in their training as well as their presentation of this gentle healing art. No one person or group may determine that their way is the only way.
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Explore and Experience the Mind –Body- Spirit Connection
Holistic Health, Energy Healing and Complementary Medicine
Reiki, HeartRay™, FootFlex™, Bone Energy Re-patterning™
Manifestation Life Coaching and Health Coaching


The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics is a Holistic Energetic Wellness and Training Center located in Tucson, Arizona. Founded by Mega R, Mease , this unique establishment is considered by many to be Tucson’s best weapon against illness, disease and disorder. It is truly the place where happiness reigns and “Possibilities become Realities”.

Increasing awareness of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Energy Healing and Holistic Health practices in a mainstream, easy to understand, professional manner is our mission. We are committed to educate, empower and offer healthy options for living a healthy, purposeful more abundant life. Our dedicated mission is fulfilled by providing down to earth guidance and helping others understand, trust and utilize both conventional and unconventional methods of healing. We stay on the cutting edge of our industry by constantly adding new therapies and Health related Products.

The Mind- Body- Spirit menu at Advanced Energy Therapeutics includes something for everyone from the novice to holistic health practices to the experienced healer. We provide a variety of hands-on body work including Therapeutic Massage and Energy Healing sessions: Reiki, HeartRay™, FootFlex™and Bone Energy Re-patterning™. Energetic Clearing Sessions are a popular add-on. Distance Healing is available for those who prefer receiving healing in the comfort of their home.

Law of Attraction Life Coaching and Holistic Health Coaching are available as a standalone service or as a combination of both.

CAET educational opportunities are a great fit for anyone who is seeking new and fun ways to gain and/or maintain a high level of wellness as well as grow spiritually. Our Reiki Training, Empowerment Workshops, Living in Abundance Retreats and engaging Tele-Seminars are enjoyed by an array of eclectic personalities living at different levels of awareness. Our one-on-one or small group Yoga Instruction is appropriate and beneficial for people of all ages and levels of health be Check back often as we continually develop and add new items to the CAET Event Calendar.

Founder, Mega R. Mease is strongly committed to the original Center purpose and promotes health, happiness and long life by practicing what she teaches. Additionally, Ms. Mease is fueled by the belief that a strong quality of life would not exist without community service. She brings this into color by funding, sourcing and directing the CAET Reiki Volunteer Program where those being treated for life threatening diseases may receive complimentary Reiki sessions.

CAET Owner and resident Reiki Master-Teacher Mega R. Mease offers Reiki Training of all levels in Usui and Karuna® Reiki including Special Circumstance Classes for Seniors.  Come enjoy, learn and experience the pure Joy of Reiki

Mega R. Mease is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. CE Hours are available for the one day Reiki Basics and the two day First Degree intensives in the Usui Method of Healing. PLEASE NOTE: The NCBTMB updated their guidelines. As of September 2017 most energy-work courses have been removed Therefore The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics is no longer authorized to provide CE Hours for Second Degree Reiki and Advanced Level Reiki classes.

The Living in Abundance Retreat is the Center’s memorable signature event is presented in the Spring and Fall of each year. This linear, yet cosmic spiritual work provides a new, exciting outlook and fresh way of defining Abundance that easily aligns with our ordinary daily existence. Your Possibilities can and will become Realities when attending this LIA Event. 

Both the In-House and Off-Site Living in Abundance Retreats are designed to guide you in the delightful experience of getting to know yourself at the deepest levels. This work will support you in paving a personal pathway to an open heart and eyes that easily embrace the challenges in your daily lives.

Off-Site Retreats are presented at mindfully selected Arizona ranches; with each location offering its own distinctive landscape that supports both energetic and aesthetic appeal. Expect a life altering Spiritual Adventure while enjoying the peace, beauty and tranquility of ranch life. 

Click here to view a slide show of an event presented at a ranch in the Texas Canyon, amidst gigantic boulders piled high in startling formations.

The In-House Living in Abundance Retreat is presented at the cozy, inviting environment of Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics. This event provides participants with the convenience of an In-House Retreat while still experiencing the glitz and comfort of the full Off-Site Retreat. 

While the Center is unable to make a 100% guarantee, we will make every effort to make  modifications and accommodations to meet the individual needs of every student, regardless of their mental, emotional, or physical requirements.

Make the choice today. Take control and responsibility for your health.
Begin a healthier, happier, independent and more peaceful existence.
Give yourself the gift Energy Healing and Holistic care.
We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Mega R. Mease, EHP-C, RMT
Contact Mega R. Mease

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